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Promoting Educational Achievement

Homework assistance and supplemental instruction for K-12 students.
Program Director: Cassandra Conyers-Rush
For More Information Contact us at 803-744-7914

Participating in supplemental instruction and after-school programs has been shown to increase educational performance while decreasing the chances of juvenile delinquency, substance use, and violent crime victimization in children. Children who are involved in afterschool and tutorial programs tend to have higher grades, better social skills, and a lower likelihood of dropping out of school. This holds especially true for students who come from families or communities with limited financial resources and populations that face additional challenges in accessing resources and opportunities compared to students from more affluent backgrounds.
The Brookland Foundation’s virtual after-school tutoring program is an online educational service that provides academic support to students in grades K-12 outside of regular school hours. Our virtual tutoring program can be accessed from any location with an internet connection and is designed to help students with homework, test preparation, and academic subjects in which they may be struggling.
The program offers support to students who may be facing challenges with learning both at home and in the traditional academic environment.

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