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Homeless Outreach Program

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Serving and Advocating for the Unsheltered Homeless Population

Distributing care packages and providing linkage to additional resources

Frarazia Johnson, Program Director


Lack of housing contributes to poor physical and mental health outcomes. The risks associated with sleeping outdoors or in an encampment present unique challenges compared to living in stable housing or a shelter. People who live and sleep outdoors lack adequate protection from the environment and have limited access to hygiene products and sanitation facilities. In addition, the unsheltered homeless population experiences challenges in receiving social services and quality healthcare.

Brookland Foundation’s Homeless Outreach Program works to meet the existing and emerging needs of the unsheltered homeless population of Richland and Lexington Counties.

As homelessness and housing crises persist, the already overburdened and under-resourced homeless system will continue to be strained. Our street outreach team targets encampments, parks, abandoned buildings, and other places not meant for human habitation to provide care packages containing food, water, sanitary items, protective equipment, and other essential items.

Serving the unsheltered homeless population and meeting their immediate needs is our first step toward building trust and working to provide a path out of homelessness. Our goal is to connect the unsheltered homeless population with our community partners, who can provide case management and other supportive services to help them achieve stable housing.

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