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Feeding Our Community, Ending Hunger.

Providing food to low-income individuals and families in our fight to end hunger.
Sonia Thomas, Program Director

The Brookland Community Food Bank provides assistance to low-income individuals and families throughout the Midlands who are struggling to make ends meet and experience challenges with having reliable access to affordable nutritious food and other daily essentials required to live healthy and active lives.

Brookland Community Food Bank collects donations and purchases food to distribute to those in need, helping to ensure that everyone has access to healthy and nutritious food.

For many people, a food bank can be a lifesaver during tough times. With the cost of living continuing to rise, it can be difficult for low-income families to stretch their budgets to cover all of their basic needs. The Brookland Community Food Bank provides a vital safety net for those who might otherwise go hungry.

​In addition to distributing food and other essentials, our food bank works with our partners to provide linkage to other community services by referring clients to programs that offer housing stability, job training, and financial education services. By doing so, we help to address the root causes of poverty and provide our clients with a path to self-sufficiency while working to help create a more equitable society.

Overall, the Brookland Community Food Bank's goal is to play an essential role in supporting low-income individuals and families and lead our community's effort to tackle poverty and food insecurity.


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Various Sanitary Products

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