Health & Wellness Program (includes HIV/AIDS Program)

To Educate our community with information that encourages the pursuit of optimal health and decreases heath disparities among all races.

Seeks to inform and educate the community about the HIV virus, while encouraging risk eductions/preventive behaviors.

Mrs. Adreane W. Grant -(803) 741-6831

Tutorial Program

The Tutorial/Educational Empowerment Program Provides evening tutoring and after-school homework assistance to students (K-12) in all subjects with the goal of improving academic performance.

Mrs. Cassandra Conyers-Rush-(803) 783-4956

Homeless Outreach Program

Promotes awareness and serves as an advocate for the spiritual, psychological and physiological needs of the homeless individuals and families.

Ms. Frarazia Johnson-(803) 556-0442

Male Initiative

The Male Initiative focuses on strategies and solutions designed to empower males and their families.